• 4 coaching calls
  •  Personalized DISC reports for each team member
  • $2,850 for teams with up to 5 members ($60 for each additional member over 5)

Goal:  Enhance the effectiveness of your team communication, dynamics & role delineation

  • 8 coaching calls
  • Team Playbook, includes your processes for New Client On-Boarding, Reviews, Wealth Management processes, Service Model, and more
  • $4,850

Goal:  Create a playbook to optimize your team's proactivity & efficiency  

  • 6-month program
  •  bi-weekly calls​
  •  personalized DISC report and selling style analysis
  • Prospecting strategies and activity accountability
  • $6,850

Goal:  Enhance selling skills, from initial outreach through closing

Team Compensation to Drive Results & Accountability

  •  1:1 calls with team leader and each team member
  • written, comprehensive Team Comp Plan
  • (pricing varies depending on team size, starting at $3,850 for a team of 3)​

Goal:  Develop a personalized Team Comp Plan to motivate and align your team

  • Steps to Becoming Irreplaceable in your clients' lives
  • 8 coaching calls
  • Workbook
  • Segmentation, Service Standards, Call Cycle automation
  • Personalized touch strategies
  • Office environment & phone protocol
  • $4,850

Goal:  Strategies & tactics to drive advocacy and growth

Contact Us   610-793-1144

Succession & Continuity Planning and Execution

  • 8 coaching calls
  • Scripting Book for all client interactions at each step of the transition 
  • Personalized Timeline to ensure preparation and success 
  • $4,850

Goal:  Develop a plan for a seamless and profitable transition where all stakeholders win

Developing a World-Class Client Engagement Platform 

Building Growing Sustaining

The Financial Services industry's bestperforming Teams

New Business Development Primer 

  • 8 coaching calls
  • Workbook  
  • Ideal Client identification
  • Prospecting methodologies
  • Value Proposition
  • Marketing & Branding 
  • Role delineation 
  • COI strategies
  • $4,850

Goal:  Kickstart your client acquisition strategies and activities to drive breakthrough growth

Team Business Planning & Effective Goal Setting 

  • 4 coaching calls
  •  Personalized Plan
  • Strategies and goal setting for client acquisition, client engagement, and profitable growth
  •  $2,850

​Goal:  Create an impactful Business Plan to align & guide your team toward achieving your priorities

DISC, Team Dynamics & Effective Communication 

Team Edge offers a full suite of coaching offerings to help you and your team achieve breakthrough results.  Every Team Edge coaching engagement is 1:1 with a 25 + year Financial Services industry veteran who has personally been an advisor, built a successful practice, and has a track record of helping others achieve success.

Goals-Based Programs

 These engagements are designed to achieve fast results in a specific area of focus.


All Goals-Based coaching programs include:

  • One-on-one coaching calls with a 25+ year industry veteran with teaming and practice management expertise
  • A program workbook to capture and organize your practice management enhancements
  • A six-month subscription to Monthly Best Practices, which will provide timely and actionable ideas in the areas of Business Development, Client Experience, Team Dynamics, and Practice Management

The Team Edge Extended Engagements

These engagements are 6-month, highly personalized commitments to take a deep dive into optimizing you, your team, and your practice.

The Team Edge – the industry’s most comprehensive 1:1 Team coaching engagement, including a full day on-site visit and inclusive of, but not limited to the concepts and resources in all of the above programs. Areas covered may include New Business Development & Client Acquisition, Team Systems & Processes, Continuity & Succession Planning, Team Leadership, Accountability, Compensation Strategies, Operational Excellence for a Proactive Practice, Motivating Team Members for Team Success, Client Experience Mastery, Pricing & Profitability Strategies, Role Delineation & Team Dynamics (pricing varies depending on team size, starting at $13,5000 for a team of 3).

Becoming a Highly Effective Team Leader- Mastering your role as Team Leader for an aligned, motivated, and highly effective team.  You will work 1:1 with a coach to enhance your team leadership skills to take you, your team, and your practice to the next level. (includes 1:1 bi-weekly calls, personalized DISC leadership style assessment, $6,850).

Vitality – Practice Management & Wellness coaching program to help you experience your profession and your life in an energized and engaged manner. This unique offering combines an integrated blend of Practice Management and Wellness (Nutrition, Fitness, Recovery, Mindfulness) coaching to live your best life.  (Includes personalized Vitality Assessment, personalized DISC report and analysis, coaching sessions with Practice Management and Wellness coaches, Personal Vitality Plan, $9,850).

Advisory Transition – Work 1:1 to develop strategies, scripts, and timelines to substantially move the needle on transitioning to a profitable and scalable Fee-based Advisory Practice (6-month program, bi-weekly calls, workbook, $6,850)

(For the Extended Engagement programs, email John@Teamedgeconsulting / or Click Here to set up a complimentary Discovery Consultation)


Selling Skills for Junior Team Members 

Team Processes & Systems to Drive Operational Excellence