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The Financial Services industry's best performing Teams

Team Formation

The right people. The right time. For the right reasons. A Wealth Advisory team can provide tremendous benefits to all stakeholders – client satisfaction, greater productivity, enhanced quality of life.

In order to realize the potential payoffs of synergy, a team must form and develop with key considerations in mind. Our experience, proven strategies, and time-tested tactics will guide you toward your ideal business model.

Team Optimization

Is your team hitting on all cylinders? Are you aligned so that every team member excels at their role and is synergistically contributing to the broader goals of the team? Do your clients consider you irreplaceable, and are the prospects within your target markets drawn to you? A team can be incredibly rewarding – but it must be optimized to work at peak productivity and efficiency. Our programs and coaching can help your team gain the Edge to dominate your marketplace and enjoy a highly rewarding team experience.

Succession Planning

You’ve worked incredibly hard to build a successful practice. What happens to your business and the welfare of your clients when you transition? What is your practice worth going forward?

The best succession plans are developed well in advance. Our experience and wisdom in helping advisors prepare and execute a Succession Plan can assure you that the asset that you’ve worked so hard to build provides benefits to its key stakeholders well into the future.


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Teams are:
  • More Productive

  • Manage More Assets

  • Gain Greater Wallet Share

  • Enhance Client Satisfaction

  • The Preferred Business Model for High Net Worth Clients

  • The Future... The Present

Team Edge Consulting provides Team Formation, Team Optimization, and Succession Planning solutions for Wealth Advisory firms and teams to drive productivity, enhance client satisfaction, and to improve the quality of life of key stakeholders. 

Giving Back

Team Edge Consulting is passionate about making a lasting positive impact on the financial services industry and the broader community. A portion of all revenues will be contributed to charities that promote the health & welfare of children.